Wired Alarm



Communications between different devices (keyboard, sensors...) in your system and control panel are made via a wired network. In case of prolonged power failure, your alarm system remains operational for several days, thanks to integrated battery backup to the alarm central.


The installation of a wired is preferable when constructing or renovating a building. The cables can be easily hidden inside the ducts in walls. The wired system can be completed by a radio receiver to take charge of wireless devices.



The products below are manufactured be TECNOALARM :


Clavier d'alarme filaire
Centrale d'alarme filaire
Transmetteur GSM
LCD keypad
Alarm system
GSM transmitter
Sirène extérieure
Sirènes intérieures
Remote control
Outdoor siren
Indoor siren
Radar infrarouge
Contact filaire
Barrières infrarouges
Infrared detector
Door/Window contact
Infrared barriers
Récepteur radio
Radar sans fil extérieur
Contacts radio
Radio receiver
Outdoor wireless detector
Wireless door/window conatcts









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