Video Surveillance



Nowadays, video surveillance is becoming more prevalent in private and public space. Deterrent, the cameras allow you to constantly monitor your home. The images can be viewed in real time on a screen and are also recorded on a digital storage. This unit, you will thereafter consult records. In the case of a burglary, they allow the police to identify perpetrators (faces, license plate...).


During your absence, video surveillance also allows you to keep an eye at any time on your home or business. Indeed, using a computer connected to the Internet or a mobile phone, it is possible to view images directly, but also the cameras (zoom, focus) and access the records.


Many types of cameras available: fixed, or motorized, form if tube or dome, planned for inside and outdoors. Some of them are equipped with infrared LEDs for night filming.


Caméra tube avec varifocale et Leds infrarouges
Dôme motorisé avec Leds infrarouges pour extérieur
Dôme pour extérieur avec Leds infrarouges
Infrared bullet camera
Outdoor motorized dome
Infrared dome camera
with infrared illumination
Applications pour Smartphones et Tablettes
Application for Smatphones (Iphone, Android,...) and Tablets (Ipad, Android,...)





Miniature cameras



Also know as spy cameras, miniature cameras are ideal for discreet monitoring in different parts of your home... Their small size (few millimeters) can hide in various objects or decorative items (clock, fire detector, lamp...).


Caméra espion intégrée dans un détecteur de mouvement
Caméra espion camouflée dans un détecteur incendie
Caméra d'angle discrète
Hidden camera in
Hidden camera in
Corner camera
simulated PIR detector
simulated smoke detector
with infrared Led







The porter is a video intercom system incorporating a camera. When a visitor comes to your home, inside the monitor notifies you and the person appears on the screen. You then have the possibility to interact with her and remote at a distance the opening of one or more access to your house. Some models are equipped with adjustable cameras from a distance with built-in zoom.


platine de rue saillie d'un portier vidéo
platine de rue encastrée d'un portier vidéo
Poste vidéo maître
Door station
Door station
Master station






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