Telesurveillance is an essential complement to your installation. When an intrusion is detected in your home, the central alarm alert via telephone dialer our telesurveillance center. This provides a permanence 24/24 and 7/7.


Once the alert is received, an operator is raising doubt to respond adequately to the situation. The removal of doubt can be done by a call-cons at home, by RDV (Remote Digital Verification), and / or by viewing your cameras. If the intrusion is confirmed, it reacts according to the instructions you have set: appealing to relevant departments or individuals involved, intervention on-site...


In addition, our telesurveillance center constantly ensure the good junctioning operation of your security system: check the condition of your telephone line, the level of your batteries, power cuts...



PC de Télésurveillance





Interventions 24/24



When the removal of doubt required an intervention is made to your home as soon as possible by security guards who travel by car or motorbike. In case of burglary, the police are prevented at the same time as you, or any other person designated by you.





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