We call “'alarm” all the hardware that compose your security system. This is organized around :

- Alarm central, that manages the information and give the alert,

- Control devices (remote control, keyboard) for the start / stop system,

- Devices intended to warn (sirens...),

- de Sensors (magnetic contacts, radars, fire...).


Communications between these various elements can be transmitted by wired or wireless.



Intrusion detectors are divided into two groups:

- The perimeter sensors : they monitor the perimeters of the zones to be protected including protection of a local even if it is busy.

- The movements detectors : they can detect movements within protected areas.


The alarm central can be coupled to a telephone transmitter (PSTN, GSM/GPRS...) to give the alert to a monitoring center. It can also manage technical alarms such as fire, low battery, the power cuts...



GAS security makes a point of honor to offer you a quality equipment, renowned for its ease of use. Our security solutions are certified NFA2P, ensuring that your equipment is reliable and respond to your needs.



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